A little about the cook…

I am an older student trying to juggle friends, crazy roommates, pets, an old house, an old car, college classes, work and what’s left of my sanity. Right now, I look at death as a long overdue vacation.

Plan C is for those of us who’ve lived through Plan B five or ten years ago. For those of you who do not know the meaning of ‘Plan B’, it’s what you live when your life, as you knew it (Plan A), goes to sh*t.  Plan B hasn’t worked out so far so here I am, living Plan C, the disaster relief stage. If you’re still reading, it’s obvious this blog’s for you!

With a food budget like mine, I feel like Jesus trying to feed the multitude with one fish.
My weekly diet is built around grocery items that are on sale each week. I have learned that creativity and presentation count for a lot.  Even pork belly looks irresistible if it’s served in small enough portions with fresh parsley, ginger and chopsticks.

I grew up in the last generation where ‘green living‘ was largely a necessity, not an option. It was not an option because many of the convenience items present in our current society hadn’t been invented yet. I take that back, they had been invented, but poorly. The advertising was far better than the product, especially when it came to food items.
‘TV Dinners’ were nothing that you’d ever really want to ingest. They were mainly used
by parents as a form of punishment directed toward misbehaving children and spouses
(as in “You can make your own @!$%# dinner tonight!”).

Before you gasp and wonder if I will include any foods that you can recognize, let me state two facts about my childhood:
1) No dinosaurs were allowed in the house.
2) My family had a car and a TV, really.

We all know that vegetables, like the human body, haven’t changed much in the last 1,000 years so most ingredients should not need translation.

Lastly, being poor does one good thing, it makes you realize what is really important for your soul. Finding great art, great music, great food and intelligent friends that are not neurotic, becomes a mission from God. Sadly, it takes a lot of energy to have those things in your life so I shoot high and am grateful for what I get.  I have more control over what
I eat than I do over deciding the free day at the Blanton Art Museum, so I’m going with food.

For those of you still reading, great, healthy, cheap recipes are on the way!


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