Week of 9/14 – 9/21:

(best prices)
Sprouts (formerly Sun Harvest):

Advertised Sales for ingredients:
Avocados and Roma Tomatoes:  $.67/lb
Cucumbers and Green Bell Peppers:  $.49 ea.
Celery:  $.88 ea.
Fresh Wild-caught Salmon:  $4.88/lb.
Organic Romaine Lettuce:  $1.25/head
Conventionally grown Lettuce/Green & Red:  $.99/head
Conventionally grown Romaine Lettuce:  $1.29/head
Mushrooms (8 oz.) container:  $1.69
Vidalia (Red) onions:  $.99/lb.
Organic Vidalia (Red) onions:  $2.49 for 3 lb. bag

Other Sales:
Fresh Green Beans: $.99/lb.
Cantaloupes: $.88 ea.
Nuts/Seeds/Coffee: 25% off

Unadvertised Sales:
Tamari Roasted Almonds: $2.99/lb.