The Art and Science of Using Linkedin for Cultivating and Managing Business Relationships

FEBRUARY 17th and/or 24th, 2012

Think LinkedIn is just for resumes? Think again...Join the All Content Tribe in learning extra-helpful skills in a collaborative, interactive, hands-on setting over several hours. This workshop is designed to forward you from whatever your existing expertise with Linkedin is to a higher, more measurable, and gratifying level. Our main goal is for you to gain MANY new Linkedin connections as well as terrific ideas on how to far better use your Linkedin online – in one afternoon!

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What’s It All About, Alfie? SEO!! (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s never too late. Period. It doesn’t matter how fab your site looks or what great things your company does, if no one can find it, none of it matters. You CAN change that. Join us tomorrow, Friday, January 20th at 2:30p.m.!

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The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect_ReduxThank you, Julie Gomoll, for the redux of the original video. This one really brings it home. Brilliant find, Ms. Julie! (@JulieGomoll) Check out the original below. TheGirlEffectThis first video was made in 2008 and is ONE OF THE MOST REMARKABLE VIDEOS that I HAVE EVER SEEN:  (Hey – pay attention you Graphic Designers out there!).

Yoko Ono once stated:  “WOMAN is the nigger of the world”.
I hope this changes in my lifetime, GLOBALLY.

Feels a lot like SPRING (as in ARAB) lately …

UC_DAVIS_Protesters_being pepper sprayed

'My Country 'Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty'

As an American citizen, I think this is really disgraceful. I can’t believe the police actually thought this would make everything quietly disappear.  See “UC Davis Protestors Pepper Sprayed”  (YouTube

THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS asserts that the authority of a government is derived from the consent of the governed, and whenever any form of government becomes destructive, it is the right and duty of the people to alter or abolish it.

Got Art?


Here's to the One Per Cent

Although I feel that her comment is an understatement, Porter Gale (@portergale) tweeted about the art of Occupy Wallstreet, “some pretty great designs in here — occupy posters“.


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“One, two, three, what are we fightin’ for?…”

CountryJoe&TheFish_Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die - WoodstockJust as valid today, especially considering that Wall St. is also mentioned in this song. Thank you, Country Joe McDonald & the Fish (Woodstock,1969, from Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die). Continue reading

In case you’re wondering, the ‘Minority Report’ is HERE…

SceneTap app

Smart signs using facial recognition software are scheduled for introduction in three cities this month. (credits: Immersive Labs)

I was already concerned about my privacy before I read this article in the NY Times:
Face Recognition Makes the Leap From Sci-Fi“.

As this excerpt explains,”as SceneTap® suggests, techniques like facial detection, which perceives human faces but does not identify specific individuals, and facial recognition, which does identify individuals, are poised to become the next big thing for personalized marketing and smart phones. Continue reading