Here we go…

In spite of having a concrete direction, it is difficult for me NOT to get off into the bushes within the first paragraph. By the time I catch myself, I have proceeded through the bushes, down the hill and am wading in the river by the time I remember the point of writing this blog. I will have failed at my mission if I do not present some useful information that pertains to food, preferably cheap and healthy recipes, but most importantly, good meals.

In an effort to make staying focused as painless as possible, I am creating a separate page that will contain newsworthy sales for the needed ingredients.

To alleviate any concerns from the get-go, I do NOT receive any money, coupons or rewards of any kind from any of the stores mentioned in this blog, which, now that I think of it, is rather stupid of me. But, there you have it.

Most of the recipes that I feature (bi-weekly, or, on some occasions, tri-weekly ) will contain items that are on sale and can be found on the page containing the bi-weekly sales.


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